AffiBEADS®​ Anti-GFP Nanobody Immunomagnetic Beads

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AffiBEADS®​ Anti-GFP Nanobody Immunomagnetic Beads Background

GFP, a green fluorescent protein, is derived from Aequorea victoria multi tube luminous jellyfish and is composed of about 238 amino acids. It can stimulate green fluorescence from blue light to ultraviolet light. Anti-GFP nanobody immunomagnetic beads are made by covalently coupling high-quality GFP nanobody with magnetic beads,As the nano Antibody only contains the variable region of Antibody molecules, there will be no signal interference from the heavy and light chains of the Antibody during immuno (co) precipitation. It has the characteristics of high binding capacity of protein, high specificity and stability, fast and convenient operation, and can be used for immuno (co) precipitation of GFP tagged fusion proteins.

Coupled Ligand

Anti-GFP nanobody.

Binding Capacity

0.6 mg protein /mL slurry.


Magnetic agarose beads with average particle size of 300nm.


Magnetic Beads.

Antibody Isotype


Main Biomaterial Source


Product Category

Immunomagnetic beads/IP-CoIP.

Recommended slurry Volume Per Run

40 μL.

Storage Buffer

PBS with preservative, pH7.4.

Storage Conditions

4°C for 12 months.