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Advancing Research Through Microbead Technology.

At AffiGEN, we are dedicated to empowering researchers, scientists, and institutions with cutting-edge solutions that drive innovation and breakthroughs in the fields of biology, medicine, and beyond. Our latest addition, AffiBEADS®, is poised to redefine the way you approach your research.

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Why choose AffiBEADS®

Our microbeads are precision-engineered to enhance and streamline various aspects of your research, from diagnostics to drug discovery, genomics, and more.

Unmatched Precision

AffiBEADS® microbeads are engineered to perfection, ensuring precise and reproducible results in your experiments. You can trust the accuracy of your research outcomes.

Versatile Applications

AffiBEADS® is adaptable across a wide range of applications, from cell sorting to protein isolation, nucleic acid analysis, and more. It's a versatile solution designed to meet your diverse research needs.

Enhanced Efficiency

AffiBEADS® is designed to streamline your workflows, saving you time and resources. Achieve your research goals more efficiently, allowing you to focus on the science, not the process.

Superior Compatibility

Our microbeads seamlessly integrate with your existing laboratory equipment and techniques, making it easy for you to incorporate AffiBEADS® into your research processes.

Quality Assurance

AffiGEN is committed to quality and innovation. Our AffiBEADS® products undergo rigorous testing and quality control to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring you receive consistent and reliable microbeads.

Driving Discoveries

By using AffiBEADS® in your research, you're contributing to the advancement of scientific knowledge and the potential for groundbreaking discoveries. Your research can change the world, and AffiBEADS® is here to support your journey.